It’s the most common word in all the questions we get asked at Genera. Why have we invested time, effort and research into developing our Earthable™ ag fiber pulp and molded fiber products? Why does sustainable packaging matter? Why should businesses and consumers choose domestic agricultural fiber over plastic or Styrofoam?

These are all great questions that we love to answer. So, here are five reasons why creating domestic agricultural fiber matters to us.

1) Domestic Fiber Supports American Farmers

Domestic agricultural fiber is made from feedstock crops grown on American farms. At Genera, we are committed to sourcing from local farmers, providing a cash crop that helps them diversify, grow their businesses, support their families and preserve the rural way of life.

2) Domestic Fiber Simplifies the Supply Chain

It doesn’t make sense to source everyday items overseas anymore, if it ever did. Is it a responsible use of natural resources to ship single-use items around the world? We don’t think it is. In addition, issues like tariffs, trade sanctions can get in the way of a reliable supply chain. Domestic production also provides greater traceability and quality control for products, ensuring the consumer a safe and high-quality product. Creating products domestically is a smarter choice.

3) Domestic Fiber Addresses Styrofoam and Plastic Bans

Across the U.S. and around the world, municipalities are banning single-use polystyrene foam and plastic, and for good reason. These items aren’t just clogging up landfills. They’re polluting oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. Molded fiber creates an alternative, giving businesses the convenience of single-use disposable containers while staying in compliance with local regulations.

4) Domestic Fiber is Compostable and Biodegradable

Speaking of pollution, domestic fiber containers and products won’t contribute to the problem. This material is completely compostable and biodegradable. Unlike plastic and Styrofoam, these products will return to the Earth in a few weeks, not a few centuries.

5) Domestic Fiber Crops Are Renewable

The resources used to make plastic and Styrofoam are finite. One day, we’ll run out. Wood pulp is one alternative, but trees can take a long time to grow. The crops used to create domestic agricultural fiber renew every growing season, forever.

We are proud of what Earthable™ fiber is doing for the local economy and the environment. If you would like to learn more about Earthable™ or about growing the crops we use to create it, just contact Genera online today.