Genera Energy® Inc has been working exclusively in the biomass business since 2008, with a proven track record, experienced management team, and a solid reputation as a leader in biomass supply and logistics. Genera’s roots are in formerly known as Genera Energy LLC, which was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Tennessee Research Foundation in 2008.

In 2007, the State of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee made an unprecedented and unparalleled commitment to invest in a comprehensive and integrated switchgrass-to-ethanol initiative. This Biofuels Initiative grew from the University’s Institute of Agriculture and their history of work in developing bioenergy crops and supply systems. When the State of Tennessee committed $70.5 million to demonstrate an integrated bioeconomy, Genera Energy LLC was created as an innovative business model to attract private partners to the effort, and to facilitate the business-like approach that was necessary for the executi