Biomass Handling/Processing

/Biomass Handling/Processing

Genera Energy featured in UTIA Video Report on Renewable Carbon Tree Harvest

Genera Energy's Sam Jackson discusses the significance of a recent poplar tree harvest at the University of Tennessee AgResearch Center. The harvest is part of a five-year $15 million multi-disciplinary research and development effort funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Cellulosic Technologies: Converting & Adding

Of the many refined biofuel products today, ethanol is easily one of the most utilized with over 14 billion gallons consumed and almost every gasoline pump throughout America containing at least 10 percent of the product. Largely fermented from corn grain feedstock, ethanol tends to have fluctuating profitability due to a minimum corn market price [...]

Biomass Feedstock Infographic

Genera recently introduced a new infographic featuring a visual overview of different biomass feedstocks and guidelines for choosing the best solution for every biomass project. The infographic highlights key supply chain elements and explores which biomass crops are best suited for an application. While not comprehensive to all feedstocks, the document gives customers, stakeholders, and [...]

Understanding Invasiveness and Feedstocks – Part 1 of 3

In bioenergy, a common concern related to the scale-up of some energy crops is invasiveness. The introduction of many invasive plants has occurred intentionally, as with ornamental plantings, and accidentally as a by-product of commerce. Herein lies the concern with bioenergy crops. No one wants to unintentionally introduce the next Kudzu! To evaluate potential energy [...]

Advanced Biofuels: Drop-in Gasoline and Diesel

Genera Energy is focused on the supply of sustainable and affordable energy crop biomass to anyone advancing forward and beyond limited petroleum resources. Our limited petroleum resources also require significant energy just to transport them long distances from the source to market.  Therefore, we remain focused on the technologies and industry that facilitate the production [...]

Genera Energy Develops BIN-SPEC™ To Reduce Biomass Feedstock Variability

Genera Energy recently introduced its newest feedstock management system module, BIN-SPEC™.  A proprietary preprocessing system, BIN-SPEC delivers a consistent biomass product to a customer’s specifications with the least amount of variability and at a lower cost. Along with Genera’s other feedstock management systems, Energy Grange™ and Supply ASSURE™,  BIN-SPEC was developed through years of R&D [...]