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What Makes Switchgrass and Biomass Sorghum Suitable Crops?

When we tell people that our Earthable® sustainable packaging is made from feedstock crops like switchgrass and biomass sorghum, unless they have an ag background, many of them don’t know what we’re talking about. The truth is that these crops are a great solution for making single-use disposable products like packaging and food service items. [...]

Growing Farmers of the Future

How to Support Rising Generations Too many people today think of farming as something their grandparents did but no way to make a living in the modern world. In the U.S., more farmers are retiring than entering the occupation. Farmers over age 65 outnumber the under-35 set by more than six to one, according to [...]

4 Reasons to Become a Genera Farmer

Genera is Recruiting East Tennessee Farmers to Grow Feedstock The farming industry has changed, and it just keeps right on changing. Anyone who grew up in East Tennessee will tell you back in the day you’d see huge fields of tobacco and corn or large herds of beef cattle on local farms. One or two [...]

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