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What Makes Switchgrass and Biomass Sorghum Suitable Crops?

When we tell people that our Earthable® sustainable packaging is made from feedstock crops like switchgrass and biomass sorghum, unless they have an ag background, many of them don’t know what we’re talking about. The truth is that these crops are a great solution for making single-use disposable products like packaging and food service items. [...]

Growing Farmers of the Future

How to Support Rising Generations Too many people today think of farming as something their grandparents did but no way to make a living in the modern world. In the U.S., more farmers are retiring than entering the occupation. Farmers over age 65 outnumber the under-35 set by more than six to one, according to [...]

Genera Energy featured in UTIA Video Report on Renewable Carbon Tree Harvest

Genera Energy's Sam Jackson discusses the significance of a recent poplar tree harvest at the University of Tennessee AgResearch Center. The harvest is part of a five-year $15 million multi-disciplinary research and development effort funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Hub and Spoke: Do Feedstock Aggregation Depots Work?

As renewable energy and renewable product demands grow, creative locations for biomass conversion facilities are evolving to allow for unique comparative advantage opportunities such as co-location synergies with pre-existing facilities and access into particular demand markets or by-product offtake markets. Moreover, dedicated energy crops can be very geographically concentrated and sometimes these unique facility opportunities [...]

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