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Genera Energy featured in UTIA Video Report on Renewable Carbon Tree Harvest

Genera Energy's Sam Jackson discusses the significance of a recent poplar tree harvest at the University of Tennessee AgResearch Center. The harvest is part of a five-year $15 million multi-disciplinary research and development effort funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Understanding Storage

Several of our previous blogs have touched on some of the high points of biomass handling and feedstock storage. We have discussed the importance of managing feedstock moisture and keyed into some of the pros and cons of round bales, square bales, and forage harvested material. But having a high level knowledge of biomass inventory [...]

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Incentivizing Contractor Performance

 “You never stop learning.”   That motivational quote is typically found in a graduation speech, but there is certainly a good bit of truth in that inspiring platitude. I firmly believe that staying current in any profession requires constant education so I have been attending several of the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Management courses [...]

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Round Bales, Square Bales, Field Chop . . . Which is Best?

Tough decisions would be made much simpler if the answers were always black and white. Unfortunately, managing a biomass supply chain does not always afford the luxuries of clear-cut decision making. We often get asked which feedstock delivery package is best; round bales, square bales, or field chopped material. It is not our intention to [...]

Water Quality Monitoring for Industrial Operations

As part of its normal operations, Genera Energy, like any other industrial installation, is required to operate under the Tennessee Storm Water Multi-Sector General Permit for Industrial Activities. This permit requires companies to create a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan that identifies potential sources for pollutants and best management practices to help mitigate these risks. [...]

Protecting Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is generally a company’s intangible creations of the mind. It consists of anything from processes, products, trade secrets, customer lists, inventions, names, or creative writings. Intellectual property for many companies may be as much if not more valuable than its physical assets. Because of the very nature of these intangible assets, protection of [...]

Weather Impacts on Biomass Supplies

Operating in the agricultural world inevitably means that we also operate at the whims of the weather. Talk to any farmer and you will find that the conversation quickly turns to rainfall amounts (or lack thereof), wet fields, late arriving Spring, early arriving Summer