In any biomass handling operation, bins or silos will be utilized for some type of storage or processing. These types of structures generally have areas either inside the structure itself or an area associated with the conveyance in and out of the structure that is defined as a confined space. A confined space is an area where access (both entering and exiting) is limited, making it more dangerous to escape in an emergency. When planned appropriately, however, working in these areas can be made much safer. The difference between someone living and dying is having an effective confined space entry safety (CSE) program. CSE’s account for tragic deaths every year in all work environments. These terrible tragedies however, can often be avoided by having a good CSE safety program. It teaches employees not to enter or return into a confined space unless all safety guards have been met and are in place. That way, simple practices, such as failure to complete a lock out and tag out of a piece of equipment, do not injure or take the life of an innocent employee.

How serious is confined space entry? Many people look at statistics to gauge how serious or minor events can be, but even one death or serious injury due to inadequate procedures is too many. Here at Genera Energy we pride ourselves in having an excellent confined space safety program. Whether we are entering a storage bin, conveyance tunnel, or a metering hopper, we have successfully identified all hazards and have implemented controls and procedures to effectively complete each task. Contact Genera Energy today to let us help make your biomass supply chain safer, and remember: “Safety is not a slogan, it’s a way of life. Live with it!”

By Austin Beddingfield, Operations Coordinator