As consumer demand for sustainable products skyrockets, many companies that have relied on single-use plastic or polystyrene packaging for decades are exploring new agriculture-based alternatives. The advantages are clear: agriculture fiber sourced from crops like switchgrass is strong, renewable and sustainable, and it won’t create pollution in our oceans and fill our landfills.

Most agriculture fiber alternatives available today are imported, primarily from China and Southeast Asia. But that’s all changing. With its innovative Earthable® brand of fiber and fiber products, Genera has introduced a domestic alternative that’s transforming the packaging industry. Not only does Earthable® exceed the high expectations of today’s environmentally conscious consumers, but it also helps support American farmers.

At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in East Tennessee, we start with high-yield feedstock crops grown by local farmers. Buying local crops creates a reliable revenue stream for producers, contributes to the local economy and ensures that Earthable® maintains a low carbon footprint.