Annually Renewable
Sourced & Made in USA
LCA Traceability
Low Carbon Footprint
Consistent Quality
Virgin Food Grade Quality
Genera supplies pulp users with renewable fiber to be used in their products. Genera’s earthable™ fibers are used in a wide array of applications including tissue, paper, compostable food service tableware, and packaging.

Earthable molded fiber products offer food grade quality for food service ware, packaging, and other products.

A better footprint for disposable food service and packaging products.

earthable™ fiber is sustainably grown by local farmers, not imported like most alternative fibers.
Low chemical,
high yielding
crops are grown
to produce
earthable™ fiber.
Our crops have
been evaluated by
national laboratories
and universities.
See the data here.
Compostable earthable™ fiber allows products you use every day to be part of a sustainable closed loop system.
From the earth, to the earth.
removes risk
from your
supply chain
and keeps jobs
in America.
Sustainable Earthable Packaging from Genera
Things like
packaging and
dinnerware can
now be fully
integrated from
farm to
finished product.
LCA Data
Our crops have been studied by national laboratories and universities for years. You can have complete confidence in the environmental profile of earthable products–we wouldn’t be growing these crops otherwise!