Providing science-based information about feedstocks is very important to the leaders of Genera Energy, and the new Biomass Feedstock Infographic will provide a detailed look at a variety of feedstocks, while also highlighting the how feedstocks perform in the specific stages of the biomass feedstock production process.

The four-page infographic highlights key supply chain elements and explores which biomass crops are best suited for an application.

Key details in the infographic include a description of five different biomass crops including switchgrass, miscanthus, energy cane, biomass sorghum, and corn stover. The infographic also features a detailed look into comparing biomass feedstocks, and provides a thorough overview and comparison of the entire feedstock process. While not suited to every biofuel, biochemical, or bioproduct conversion facility, each of these feedstocks play an important role in meeting the needs of the emerging biomass-based industry. The selection of the right feedstock or portfolio of feedstocks is unique to each project, and this infographic provides basic information to aid in making the appropriate selections.

Genera is the only biomass supply company with commercial-scale experience with multiple energy crops, and it’s very important for us to educate our customers on ways we can incorporate biomass supply solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

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