The Tennessee Wildlife Federation, one of the largest and oldest nonprofits dedicated to the conservation of Tennessee’s wildlife and natural resources, recently hosted its 54th Annual Conservation Achievement Awards. The ceremony was held in Nashville and presented 17 awards to recipients from all corners of the state.

Vonore-based Genera Energy Inc. was the statewide honoree for Conservation by Business. Genera is an agriculturally-focused company that partners with regional farmers to produce agricultural fiber-based compostable products such as foodservice wares, paper towel and tissues, and other packaging materials. Genera’s desire to create sustainable biomass solutions is spurring agricultural innovations that significantly help conservation efforts in Tennessee by encouraging sustainable farming practices that also preserve wildlife habitat and restores land across the state. Genera has partnered with farmers throughout the region, including those in Anderson, Blount, Bradley, Loudon, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, Polk, Rhea, and Roane Counties. Additionally, the company has worked across the United States with a variety of partners on agriculturally-based biomass and products. “The diverse group of award winners today, including Genera, serves as a reminder that successful conservation will always depend on a diverse and collaborative effort,” said Michael Butler, CEO of the Federation. “Our honorees have conducted important field work, secured crucial support, educated the next generation, and so much more.”

Kelly Tiller, Genera’s President and CEO said, “Genera is honored to be recognized by the Federation for our work. Our company is focused on working with farmers to sustainably produce products that are useful to our local, regional, and national communities. From the farm to our finished products, we work hard to ensure that we contribute positively to the regional agricultural community, soil and water health, and wildlife habitat.” “The Federation was founded by people with varying interests, backgrounds and viewpoints. In much the same way, we bring together and celebrate each year a mix of people, or