A well-executed new employee orientation program is not only helpful for the employee, but also benefits the company. Helping new hires become familiar with the company and their new coworkers is a vital part of creating a successful partnership.

Starting a new job can often create high levels of stress and anxiety. The employee is entering a new environment with new expectations and responsibilities being assigned to them.  An orientation program helps familiarize them with their surroundings and expectations. This orientation will allow the employee to be more confident and positive towards their work and environment leading to a greater probability for success.

Each new employee should be involved in a new employee orientation process that includes a warm welcome. Introductions during orientation is important for new employees to feel comfortable and get acquainted with co-workers. Making introductions to those they will work with is an essential part of orientation.

New employees in a new work environment, especially an industrial environment, pose the possibility of risks and dangers which can lead to lower productivity, missed work time and increased costs. By providing orientation to outline the dangers of the workplace, these costs and risks are significantly reduced. In industrial situations, orientation will include significant safety training to ensure that the new employee understands how to minimize risk and achieve production goals safely.

It is important not to overload or overwhelm new employees with mass quantities of information all at once. Stretch the orientation process over several days to allow new employees to process and retain the information you are expecting them to learn. Always provide a follow up meeting where any questions that may have arisen since their first day can be addressed.

Providing a well thought out orientation program will help not only in retention of employees, but also in productivity and keeping costs down. Beginning this partnership on a positive note is key to its success.

By Lisa Osborne, HR Coordinator