Genera Energy believes that the training and development of our employees is vital to the success of our company in the ever changing biomass supply industry. Training and development can be initiated for an employee or group of employees for many reasons. A few of these reasons include when performance improvement is needed, as part of a professional development program, or to train about a specific topic.

Along with our extensive health & safety training program and position-specific training, we require employees be trained in the following:

  • Discrimination and Harassment: Discrimination training includes explanation about the protected classes under federal law and what actions are considered discrimination.
  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment training is a separate training that includes careful description of our policies about sexual harassment, especially defining inappropriate behaviors.
  • Supervisor Training (If Applicable): All of our supervisors are trained in effective communication skills and employee relations.
  • Interview Training: Managers and supervisors learn the most efficient ways to hire the right individual and comply with federal and state laws.

We also offer optional learning programs such as our Lunch & Learn Series. Each month, we give our employees the opportunity to gather during a company sponsored lunch and discuss various topics of interest. Past topics have included: Intellectual Property Protection, SharePoint Tips & Tricks, Excel Basics, Introduction to OneNote and Social Media in the Workplace.

Another opportunity that Genera offers employees is to attend continuing education classes through our professional development program. Employees may attend classes related to their position and be reimbursed by the company upon completion.

The benefits of the training and development of employees are many. Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees, increased ability to incorporate new technologies and methods, reduced employee turnover and decreased risk of lawsuits are just a few of these benefits. Benefiting both the company and the employee, training and development are invaluable tools in th