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To compost or recycle? That is the question

Our country’s increased awareness of how it can be more eco-friendly has resulted in successful recycling programs from the office or home bin all the way onto the ledgers of multi-national corporations, but recycling has significant hidden energy costs and sometimes returns only a small investment. Additionally, with China banning the import of mixed [...]

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Earthable®: Sustainable fiber products supporting local farmers

As consumer demand for sustainable products skyrockets, many companies that have relied on single-use plastic or polystyrene packaging for decades are exploring new agriculture-based alternatives. The advantages are clear: agriculture fiber sourced from crops like switchgrass is strong, renewable and sustainable, and it won’t create pollution in our oceans and fill our landfills. Most [...]

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Marking a milestone and moving ahead

2021 has already been an eventful year for Genera. The company’s agriculture fiber manufacturing facility in Vonore, Tennessee — the largest fully integrated ag-fiber facility in the United States — is operational. With the plant online, we’ve launched production and sales of our Earthable® brand of compostable molded fiber foodservice products and ag-based market [...]

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5 Reasons Why Domestic Fiber Matters

“Why?” It’s the most common word in all the questions we get asked at Genera. Why have we invested time, effort and research into developing our Earthable™ ag fiber pulp and molded fiber products? Why does sustainable packaging matter? Why should businesses and consumers choose domestic agricultural fiber over plastic or Styrofoam? These are all [...]

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