The singular most common sight in a grocery store isn’t the food. Surprisingly, it’s the plastic packaging that wraps the food and the other non-dietary items many supermarket chains sell.

Since the 1980s, plastic food packaging has taken over the market. Not only is it used to seal meat and hold potato chips, the use of plastic has delivered the onslaught of single-use products packaged for quick lunches or dinners.

In general, food packaging trends are developed by the needs of consumers. As people became more reliant on quick, prepackaged foods, consumers needed food packaging that maintained the quality of the food while allowing for longer term storage in their homes. Later, it became necessary to package food for single-use servings as more workers wanted the convenience of quick options for lunches.

Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for single-use food packaging became a necessity as take-out from restaurants become the dominant way many people got their food from restaurants.

But even as the demand for convenient packagi