At Genera, we are committed to producing our Earthable® domestic ag fiber pulp in a way that is sustainable and helps support American farmers. The importance of domestic ag fiber will continue to grow in 2021 and beyond.  Here is why it matters:

  • Reducing reliance on foreign fiber products. As we have seen, supply chains can experience major disruptions during difficult times and cause manufacturing or supply disruptions for consumers in the US. Products like sustainable fiber, that are completely U.S. grown, harvested and made into a variety of products, eliminate the danger to production that could result from supply interruptions or trade barriers. Domestic production creates more transparency into the supply chain, ensuring the products are safe and high quality.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging is becoming more important to consumers. People are becoming more conscious about how their food and other goods are packaged. Businesses can keep up with expectations by committing to use sustainable packaging manufactured from domestically grown sources.
  • Domestically grown fiber products can help U.S. farmers stay in business. Genera is committed to partnering with farmers to grow crops like switchgrass on land that is