Farming is tough, hard work. There is no other way to put it. Each new crop season brings challenges to new and long-time farmers. Globalization, technology, weather and changing consumption habits have all contributed to uncertainty in the agriculture industry in the 21st century, and fewer young people are choosing farming as a career.
The fact that agriculture is such a driving economic force in Tennessee is a testament to the farm families that work hard every day to provide food, fiber, and other resources to our communities. At Genera, we’re committed to supporting the hard-working producers in the area as a way of adding value to their farming operations and helping maintain Tennessee’s robust agricultural economy.
Local farms supply sustainable feedstock crops like switchgrass to Genera that it then processes for its Earthable® line of sustainable ag fiber and ag fiber-based food service packaging. Since these crops can thrive in a variety of conditions, farmers can plant them on otherwise unused land to diversify their production. By partnering with local producers, Genera offers a new market for these crops and gives East Tennessee farmers an opportunity to take advantage of a stable source of added income.
In addition, local farms help Genera live up to its industry-leading sustainability standards. By relying on locally produced crops at its fully integrated manufacturing facility — the largest such facility in the United States — Genera reduces the cost and emissions associated with imported material. Locally sourced products are a sustainable choice that economically empowers our neighbors.
Farmers have traditionally been the backbone of the rural economy, and we’re proud to support this essential industry with partnership opportunities that offer real sustainable benefits for all of us.