Genera operates two key facilities in Vonore, TN. The two facilities are co-located in the Niles Ferry Industrial Park and include the company’s Vonore, TN, Fiber Products Mill and its Biomass Innovation Park research campus.

Genera’s Fiber Products Mill is the largest fully integrated non-wood fiber and fiber product manufacturing facility in the United States. The mill produces ag-based fiber for market use as well as molded fiber food service and packaging products. The process and technology used in the facility create a high-quality, short fiber wet lap market pulp in a more sustainable method than other technologies. Our thermoforming operations produce high quality, durable goods for use in a variety of food service applications. In addition to the state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehousing capacity, the facility has significant laboratory space utilized by Genera for product R&D and quality control services.

Genera’s Biomass Innovation Park (BIP) has been in operation since 2011. The site hosts the Genera corporate headquarters along with significant biomass handling and processing capabilities. The facility is operated to bridge the gap between farm gate and the industrial manufacturing facility gate, ranging from biomass receiving and inventory management to size reduction and characterization. BIP handles a wide range of biomass feedstocks each year, including dedicated agricultural crops, crop residues, and woody materials.

Genera's Fiber Mill