Miscanthus is a perennial grass plant native to tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate parts of Southeast Asia, but has been grown in North America and Europe for decades. The crop is resilient to drought, pest and disease, and is a strong biomass producer, reaching yields of 7-10 dry tons per acre each year.

Miscanthus is different than many crops in that it is established by planting plant parts or root components called rhizomes and not seeds. Like other perennial grasses, it requires low levels of annual fertilization and management, making it an excellent feedstock for fiber products. Miscanthus is managed and harvested similarly to switchgrass in that the fields grow all season long and are harvested in the winter after the plant has gone dormant. This allows the feedstock to dry in the field and for nutrients to go into the root system for winter storage.

Miscanthus has been planted and grow all over the US with great results! Genera is currently leasing land to produce Miscanthus feedstock for fiber products. Please use our interest form to let us know if you have agricultural land suitable for planting!