A photo of pipes and tanks

Genera’s fiber production process produces a lignin co-product, a light syrup consisting of approximately 40% solids, has significant potential for application in a variety of markets. Made up of lignin, sugars, and inorganics, the coproduct has been utilized for a variety of applications, including:

  • Animal feeds
  • Dust abatement
  • Deicing
  • Dispersants
  • Plasticizers
  • Advanced chemicals

In animal feeds, similarly used products include lignosulfonates from wood pulp facilities and even molasses. However, unlike lignosulfonate, the co-product does not include any sulfur. In general, Genera’s coproduct can be used as a wet feed additive to increase palatability and some nutrients at a lower cost than many traditional products such as molasses. It can also be used as a pellet binder to help feed pellets better maintain structure, in addition to the added nutritional value.

For dust abatement and deicing applications, our coproduct blend offers better adhesion of products to surfaces and resistance to washing away, noncorrosive freezing point depression, surface tension reduction properties, biodegradability, and viscosity modification among others. Trials on road and aggregate dust abatement and deicing applications have proven very positive.

The coproduct can also be separated into building blocks for other chemicals and products, segregating the inorganics, sugars, and clean lignin. These separated streams are valued for a variety of downstream uses.

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