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Producer and Landowner Information

Genera is well underway in developing its sustainable ag fiber manufacturing facility in Vonore, TN. Genera’s ag-based Earthable® fiber products are cost-competitive and suitable for making paper, toweling, tissue, packaging and disposable foodservice products like plates, bowls, and take-out containers.

The market demand for domestic, non-wood fiber is already huge and growing rapidly as more and more communities and even entire states are banning the use of Styrofoam and single use plastics. General consumers are also looking for more sustainable packaging and products. Almost all the non-wood fiber available in the U.S. today is imported, primarily from Asia. Once the facility is complete, Genera will be the largest integrated manufacturer of ag fiber and products in the United States. All of Genera’s Earthable® fiber products will be compostable/biodegradable, offering locally grown agriculture-based products to a host of markets.

Genera’s initial production facility will produce thousands of Earthable® fiber products annually, including bales of market fiber and finished thermoformed food service and packaging products. Construction of the new manufacturing facility has begun and should begin producing commercial products in later 2020.

What this Means for the Ag Community

Genera’s technology has been proven effective with multiple agricultural crops and residues. Genera has selected the initial fiber crops for its first East Tennessee facility based on local agronomic factors, balanced with our customer’s quality and performance requirements. Core feedstocks will initially include biomass sorghum, switchgrass, and combined wheat straw.

Production of feedstocks will create a new market and source of revenue for farmers in East Tennessee. Our production contracts are multi-year, offering set pricing and revenue to growers.

For more information on crops, click here!

Genera is actively recruiting growers to supply the required feedstock to its facilities. If you are interested in producing fiber crops for Genera, please let us know by calling Brad Valentine, Feedstock Manager, at 423-884-4119 or by submitting an information form below.

Farmer Recruitment

  • Crop Selection

    If you are interested in contracting with Genera to grow switchgrass and/or biomass sorghum, please fill out the acreage that you may dedicate to growing crops sold to Genera. We will be in touch soon!