Consumers are changing. People are paying more attention than ever to the businesses they frequent and whether they have a positive or negative impact on the environment. This extends to what the products they buy are made of, where they come from, or even how they are packaged.

Today, not only do consumers want the businesses they patronize to be eco-friendly, they want their supply chains to follow suit. So, if your business wants to be considered socially responsible, your supply chains need to emphasize sustainability and minimize any environmental impacts. You might be using environmentally friendly molded fiber products today, but do you know where they come from? Most are imported into the US through a long, complex supply chain that is not environmentally friendly.

Supply Chain Partners Can Affect Your Business

According to Supply Management magazine, a typical B2C business’ supply chain produces 80% of that company’s greenhouse-gas emissions. If your suppliers are responsible for the majority of your company’s carbon footprint, it’s time to re-think who you are doing business with. Your supply chain can affect your business’ good environmental image in many ways.

When trying to attract new customers or business partners, your supply chain can ruin your good image by utilizing transport and logistical systems that create a significant environmental impact. If your business contracts with a supplier in China that produces material in an environmentally harmful manner, it’s a problem that needs addressing. Likewise, even if that supplier is manufacturing in a sustainable way, the supply chain to get the product to the US market can have significant negative environmental impacts. Not only is this harming the local environment, it can cause other businesses and customers to take their business elsewhere.

Work with Genera

That’s why Genera works carefully to maintain a sustainable supply chain by partnering with local farmers throughout region around our manufacturing facility in East Tennessee. Our Earthable® fiber products create sustainable new markets for farmers, creates domestic manufacturing jobs, and dramatically simplify the supply chain. The positive environmental impacts of a domestic supply of Earthable products® cannot be beat!  If you would like to learn more about Genera and Earthable®, contact Genera online today.