Genera Energy recently introduced its newest feedstock management system module, BIN-SPEC™.  A proprietary preprocessing system, BIN-SPEC delivers a consistent biomass product to a customer’s specifications with the least amount of variability and at a lower cost.

Along with Genera’s other feedstock management systems, Energy Grange™ and Supply ASSURE™,  BIN-SPEC was developed through years of R&D and in-the-field testing aimed at consolidating and simplifying the entire biomass feedstock process, offering benefits to landowners, farmers and feedstock end users for the biofuels, biochemical and biopower industries.

While much research has focused on feedstock specific conversion technologies, Genera Energy noticed a gap in the study and field tests of biomass particle size during the preprocessing phase and as a result, developed BIN-SPEC to address this and other problems, offering a repeatable solution that reduces costs, increases efficiencies and provides a consistent product for end users.

The following figure included represents two particle size distributions curves.

Genera BIN_SPEC Graphic

In this scenario, the customer wanted 90% of their material to be less than 0.80 mm in size. A standard hammermill run would reduce the majority of the particles to be less than 0.40 mm in size to meet the customer’s specifications. In this particular process, though, the customer had issues with the high amount of fines. Using Genera’s BIN-SPEC system, we were able to design an increase to the average particle size to eliminate fines, while at the same time reduce particle size distribution more closely