It is an exciting time for Genera as we launch the largest fully integrated (field to finished goods) ag fiber facility in the country, and we need East Tennessee farmers like you to make it a success. We are seeking additional producers to establish more acres of switchgrass, the primary feedstock for our ag fiber products.

Now, we know that for any farmer, there is always concern about the cost of establishing a new crop. Genera does not want that to be a barrier to entry for switchgrass production. So, to help our partner farmers, we are putting our money where our mouth is through the new Switchgrass Establishment Assistance Program. We’re willing to pay $200 per acre for every acre put into switchgrass production by area famers. Our intention is to offset your out-of-pocket costs to establish the crop.

That is how committed Genera is to providing a sustainable, long-term offtake market for these crops. If you partner with us on the supply, we have the demand for what you can produce. We have already created a new market for more than 6,000 acres of switchgrass.

Domestic ag fiber production is a win-win for everyone. It is safer and more cost effective than products produced by overseas suppliers. We are not just producing ag fiber to sell, either. Since facility start-up, we have begun producing sustainable molded fiber products such as plates, bowls, and takeout containers. Our market pulp will also make its way into tissue, paper towel, and other paper products.

Genera needs you. If you are interested in diversifying your farm income and want to learn more, call Brad Valentine, Genera Feedstock Manager, at (423) 884-4119 or visit