Every farmer looks back on the previous year’s production numbers and revenues, and if things do not add up as expected, they’ll work to understand why their revenue was of and work on a plan to do better in the new year. So, if your farm didn’t do as well as you had hoped in 2020, there is time to make a change and try something new in 2021.

Gone are the days when farmers depended on one main crop as their bread-and-butter with a few smaller crops or products on the side. For any size farm, however, depending on one major crop or product could be a disaster waiting to happen. Market forces such as trade disputes, economic downturns, or other market disruptions can dramatically change commodity crop revenues from year to year. Similarly, environmental factors such as drought, excess rainfall, or severe weather can impact different crops in different ways. The best way of mitigating risk in your farm operation is to have a diverse portfolio of crops/products and markets you sell into.

Why Diversify?

Aside from the main reason of increasing sources of income and reducing risk, there are other reasons framers should consider diversifying.

  • Reducing the impact of pest and disease. Crops that are hardy against pe